2023 World Hydropower Congress Programme


Parallel sessions
Networking event

31 Oct

Morning sessions
Welcome address and opening: Powering Sustainable growth
Digitalisation in Hydropower
Breaking down the barriers to hydropower development: Streamlining licensing and permitting
How hydropower can contribute to flexible, stable and low-carbon grids
Floating solar: challenges and opportunities with hydropower
Lunchtime session
Women in Hydropower: networking event
Afternoon sessions
Launch of the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance
XFLEX HYDRO - lessons from Europe on integrating hydropower
Hydropower's role in decarbonising the energy industry
Water management and clean energy nexus
Financial opportunities with the Hydropower Sustainability Standard
Powering the clean energy transition in Asia and Ocenia
Powering the clean energy transition in Africa
Powering the clean energy transition in Europe
Powering the clean energy transition in the Americas
The future of hydropower: Young energy professionals event

1 Nov

Morning sessions
Diversity, equity and inclusivity in hydropower
The future of hydropower in emerging economies
Clean energy for all
Pump it up: challenges and opportunities for pumped storage hydropower
Benchmarking renewables
Multi-purpose benefits of hydropower
Integrating hydropower sustainability into river basin planning
Lunchtime session
Networking event
Afternoon sessions
(Hydro)powering net-zero
Powering the clean energy transition in Indonesia
Hydropower in an interconnected world
Financial mechanisms to enable project development
Introducing 'The Renewables'
Communicating hydropower: lessons in advocacy
De-risking investments in hydropower
Using the Climate Resilience Guide
Hydropower awards ceremony: Gala dinner

2 Nov

Morning sessions
Setting the stage for COP28
Assessing GHG emissions from reservoirs
IHA General Assembly
Hydropower modernisation: the next generation of hydropower development
Navigating changing electricity markets
Accountability and assurance: the cross-sectoral benefits of sustainability standards
Jobs and skills: challenges and opportunities in the hydropower workforce
Lunchtime session
Networking event
Afternoon sessions
Stakeholder Forum
Closing Ceremony

This programme is subject to change and more information about each session will be made available soon.

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