Multi-purpose benefits of hydropower: lessons from around the world

Kintamani 3
Tuesday, October 31, 2023
11:30 – 12:30 WITA


Multi-purpose reservoirs are large-scale infrastructures that provide several purposes, such as hydroelectric power, domestic and industrial water supply, irrigation water supply, flood control, navigation, recreation, pollution control, fishing and aquaculture. This session aims to examine the potential benefits of hydropower infrastructure beyond generating electricity.

To develop resilient multi-purpose hydropower reservoirs, it is necessary to undertake reforms, including in hydropower governance, adopting guidelines for the production and use of energy and the storage, and promoting policy and market regulations to avert risks.

The governance of multi-purpose hydropower reservoirs represents an integrated approach toward optimal water resource management and enhanced climate resilience, while ensuring sustainable water infrastructure development and operation that serves energy generation and disaster prevention.


  • Gabriel Rocha, Global Hydro Tech Lead, Worley (Moderator)
  • Julian Hunt, Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
  • Emmanuelle Verger-Chabot, CEO, EDF Hydro
  • Qin Guobin, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, China Three Gorges Corporation
  • Thin Ly, Regional Water Policy and Planning Expert, Mekong River Commission

Session objectives

  • Examine methodology or tools that can be applied to quantify the value created at hydropower reservoirs’ values
  • Discuss how the governance solutions for multi-purpose hydropower dams can lead to climate-resilient investments with greater access to finance, at transboundary and national levels
  • Learn about hydropower sustainability tools that are assisting countries in developing climate-resilient hydropower infrastructure that can efficiently manage the interdependencies across water, energy, agriculture and the environment


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