Cirata Tour

3 – 4 November 2023

In addition to attending the World Hydropower Congress, we are also offering attendees an opportunity to tour the Cirata hydropower project.

The tour price is USD 315 per person plus 11% VAT, and it includes a round-trip airline ticket (Bali – Bandung – Bali), one-night's accommodation at a hotel in Bandung and transportation from the Bali and Bandung hotels to the airport.

During this tour, you will visit Cirata, the largest hydropower project in Indonesia. The HPP is sourced by the Ciratum river in West Java, around 60 km northwest of Bandung. The Cirata HPP comprises eight units of power plants with a total installed capacity of 1,008 MW, with an average electricity production of 1,428 GWh per year.

The tour will also include a site visit of the 145 MW Cirata floating photovoltaic (PV) plant, which is under construction. When completed, it is reported that it will be the second largest floating PV plant in the world. The plant is being built on a 225 ha section of the Cirata Reservoir and will be integrated into the Java-Bali grid, which is the backbone of Indonesia’s electricity supply, providing power to more than half of the nation’s population.

The Cirata floating PV plant is expected to generate 245 million KWh of electricity per year. Due to the location of the floating PV plant's installation in the Cirata Reservoir and its complementarity with the existing hydropower plant, the variability can be minimised. This highlights the key role hydropower can play in accommodating a rising share of variable renewables.

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