Integrating hydropower sustainability through system level planning

Wednesday, November 1, 2023
11:30 – 12:30 WITA


This session will explore the intersection of energy and river system planning on the one hand, and project-level assessment through the lens of the Hydropower Sustainability Standard on the other hand.

By taking a system-scale approach, planning can evaluate a range of alternative options for hydropower development in order to minimise negative cumulative impacts on river ecosystems and achieve a better balance between stakeholders’ objectives. This should provide a strong foundation for identifying individual hydropower projects that meet the rigorous sustainability criteria outlined in the preparation stage of the Standard.

In this session, we will explore practical applications of a holistic system and project approach, such as recent hydropower masterplans, cumulative and strategic impact assessments, and hydropower-by-design exercises, and discuss the lessons learned for future applications. 

Session objectives

·      Discuss the contribution of system planning to the selection of more sustainable hydropower sites, designs and operations

·      Explore how the Hydropower Sustainability Standard can create a demand for more systematic planning

·      Explore the value of a holistic approach (system and project) for different stakeholders  

·      Generate momentum for more widespread application of these tools


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