Hydropowering net zero

Nusa Dua 1-4
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
13:30 – 15:00 WITA


Net zero is not possible without hydropower: “water, wind and sun gets the job done”. IHA’s 2023 World Hydropower Outlook revealed the stark reality that development is still falling well short of what is needed according to projections by the International Energy Agency.  

As the backbone of the renewable energy mix, hydropower provides the flexibility, reliability and stability that is needed to enable variable renewables such as wind and solar to be developed at scale. With the right combination of policy frameworks, market mechanisms and government will, it has the potential to supercharge the drive towards net zero.  

While hydropower’s potential is vast, it must be done in the right way. The San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower outlined that "Sustainable hydropower is a clean, green, modern and affordable solution to climate change. Going forward, the only acceptable hydropower is sustainable hydropower".  

Building on these principles, this plenary session will focus on sustainable hydropower's role in helping governments meet their net-zero objectives, and how progress can be accelerated.


  • Erik Solheim, President, the Belt and Road Green Development Initiative (Moderator)
  • Roland Roesch, Director, Innovation and Technology Centre​, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Tobias Keitel​, President​, Voith Hydro
  • Chen Haibin, SPIC​, Vice President​
  • Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee, Regional Director Infrastructure, East Asia and Pacific, World Bank
  • Keisuke Sadamori, Director, Energy Markets and Security, International Energy Agency
  • Febrio Kacaribu, Head of Fiscal Policy Agency​, Government of Indonesia

Session objectives

  • Outline the scale of the global net zero challenge and why hydropower must be part of the solution
  • Who is taking the lead? Explore examples of success in integrating hydropower into strategies for sustainable development and energy transition
  • Discuss the role of pumped storage hydropower in accelerating the transition towards net zero
  • Identify the foremost barriers to hydropower development and discuss the priority actions that governments and other decision-makers must take to supercharge progress
  • Consider the three key recommendations of the Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth and why they are critical to progress


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