Better market frameworks for hydropower development

Kintamani 3
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
15:30 - 16:45 WITA


Most policy and market frameworks do not adequately incentivise investment in hydropower development or modernisation efforts. Given the long lead times involved, investment decisions are needed now to ensure solutions are available in advance of market needs.  

This session of the World Hydropower Congress will look at how some are tackling the issue head-on, providing case studies of governments creating stable, consistent and investment-friendly frameworks to best incentivise the development of projects through laws and regulations, while also considering efficient allocation of resources within the electricity market.  

This session will focus on examples of financial mechanisms that countries have recently started implementing, as well as findings from the 2023 World Hydropower Outlook, while also bringing in the expertise from developers who are utilising government tools.


Session objectives

  • Provide real cases studies of governments who have created regulatory and market mechanisms
  • Discuss how developers have been able to utilise government and/or market mechanisms to unlock hydropower development
  • Explore what mechanisms might be needed to further unlock hydropower potential
  • Explore some of the initial de-risking mechanisms established by the IHA study on project pipeline


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