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PT Arkora Hydro Tbk (ARKO) with the aim of accelerating the development of renewable energy in Indonesia through the construction of run-of-river hydropower plants, especially in remote areas that are yet to have electricity supply. Arkora Hydro favors new and renewable energy (NRE) sources in carrying out its business operations as it is undeniable that the benefits of NRE are highly crucial to realize energy security in the future. Moreover, the use of NRE is considered more environmentally friendly as it can minimize environmental pollution and environmental damage when compared to non-renewable energy. This means that NRE is produced from energy resources that naturally will not run out in quantity and can be sustainable if managed properly. Therefore, it can be said that NRE is a sustainable energy. Arkora Hydro as a company engaged in power generation through new and renewable energy (NRE) sources is committed, together with the community, to building a better future for all Indonesian people through the use of NRE.

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