China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)

China Three Gorges Corporation was founded on September 27, 1993, and is now the world’s biggest hydropower development and operation enterprise. CTG’s development story over the past decades features strong dedication to the betterment of people and a distinctively green path.

By the end of 2021, CTG’s total assets stood above 1 trillion yuan and total installed capacity has reached 140 GW in nearly 50 countries and regions across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia, of which 95% is from renewable and clean energy resources. In 2021, CTG produced the largest amount of clean electricity among all power companies in China, 340 TWh, a strong impetus to socio-economic development.

CTG boasts a diversified profile characterized by its core competences in clean energy. It has developed a cascade of mega-sized hydropower stations on China’s Yangtze River, including the Three Gorges Project, with many technological breakthroughs accomplished and records made in dam construction, single unit capacity, etc. CTG also has a strong presence in other renewables, such as wind and solar, and is doubling down on making greater contributions to the global transition to a cleaner and greener energy mix.

CTG successfully blends a business focus on growing green energy infrastructure needs with long-term sustainability that is increasingly impacting our life. Apart from clean energy provision, environmental protection in the Yangtze River basin is now underscored by CTG as another critical piece of its dedication to the betterment of people.

CTG keeps in line with international sustainability practices to share the benefits of growth. Hydropower stations built by CTG have been indispensable actors in China’s flood control system that keeps hundreds of millions of people away from harm. A large number of social responsibility initiatives are being taken to deliver benefits in water resources preservation, energy conservation, emission reduction, ecological protection, community co-development, etc.

CTG’s major business comprises:

- Hydropower project construction and management

- Power production

- International investment and project contracting

- Renewable energy development such as wind power and solar power

- Comprehensive development and utilization of water resources

- Related professional and technical consulting services

- Environmental protection and restoration

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